The AirNow Advantage

  • Our electric-driven compressors use fewer moving parts, require less maintenance and provide the maximum in operational reliability.
  • Our electric-driven air compressor packages produce clean oil-free compressed air with no atmospheric emissions.
  • Electric-driven compressor packages, unlike diesel-driven compressors, do NOT require an operator be in attendance.
  • The cost of electric power is considerably less than diesel fuel. Therefore, our fleet of oil-free air compressor packages can be operated with dramatically lower costs.
  • Our electric-driven centrifugal compressors are intended to operate 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Electric-driven compressors are easy to maintain, with no refueling required.
  • Our air compressor packages can be equipped with or without aftercoolers, depending upon application requirements.
  • Our ability to supply larger flow air compressor packages will reduce the number of rentals required to meet your higher flow requirements.
  • Our air compressor packages are simple to set up, simple to operate and simple to maintain.




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