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AirNow Industrial Compression Services provides large capacity, electric motor driven, compressed air solutions to meet supplemental or temporary requirements.

AirNow offers over 130,000 CFM of available capacity in a wide variety of flow, pressure and air quality configurations.

AirNow trailer and skid mounted air compressor packages are self-contained with on-board coolers, motor controls, lube oil system, inlet filtration and capacity regulation systems.

AirNow air compressor packages allow for simple installation, only requiring a level surface for setting the package, electric power hook-up and cooling water supply.

The AirNow fleet utilizes electric-powered oil-free centrifugal air compressors, which provide compressed air that is inherently free of oil and other contaminants.

The AirNow fleet of trailer and skid mounted electric air compressors are the more efficient to operate, more environmentally friendly and more reliable than the diesel alternative.

The AirNow fleet of electric driven air compressors will provide the following benefits:
• Very low maintenance requirements
• Unsurpassed operational reliability
• Clean oil-free compressed air with no atmospheric emissions
• Least expensive to operate and maintain - no refueling required
• Designed to operate 24/7 without interruption – no operator required
• Low operating noise levels
• Compact physical size in relation to delivered capacity
• Available in flow capacities sufficient to meet high process demands

The AirNow sales and service staff is made up of air compressor specialists with over 75 year’s experience. Being former OEM factory representatives, our team is extremely knowledgeable of the wide array of compressed air applications and the stringent quality issues faced by our customers.

AirNow Industrial Compression Services specializes in high capacity, electric motor driven, compressed air solutions to meet  supplemental or temporary requirements

AirNow Compressor Rental Packages

·        Oil-Free Centrifugal Compressors

·        1,800 to 24,000 CFM Capacities

·        450 to 4000 Horsepower Packages

·        Electric Motor Driven

·        460V / 2300V / 4160V Options

·        Onboard Starter and Controls

Reasons to Use AirNow Rentals:

·        Simple Installation

·        Provides Highest Reliability

·        Compact Physical Size

·        High Flow Capacities

·        Low Operating Noise Levels

·        Designed to Operate 24/7

Additional AirNow Benefits:

·        No Process Contamination

·        No Emissions Generated

·        No Refueling Required

·        No Dedicated Operators Needed

Compressor Package Data
Model C-18 C-25 C-70 C-90
Volume, ICFM 1,800 2,500 7,000 9,000
Discharge Pressure, PSIG 125 125/150 150 50
Air Connection 3’ Flange 3” Flange 6” flange 6” flange
Water Flow, gpm Air-cooled 178 396 370
Water Connection Air-cooled 2.0/2.5”
Aftercooling To, oF  * 120 * 120 * 120 * 120 *
Motor Horsepower 450 700 1500 1750
Motor Voltage 460 2300/4160 4160 4160
Running Amps 580 135/73 213 213
In-Rush Amps 1900 954/596 1260 1260
Auxiliary Power Included 230/3/60 Included Included
Startup Air, CFM Included 20 20 20
Package Dimensions (Est)        
Length 40’ 24’ 30’ 30’
Height 12’5” 9’5” 9-5” 9’7”
Lbs 33,000 32,000 42,000 63,000
  Trailer Mounted      
Starter Yes Yes Yes Yes

To download the PDF brochure for AirNow Compression, click here.




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