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Compressed air is supplied in high volumes to facilitate the production of a wide variety of products. Typically this compressed air supply is required to be oil free, clean and dry as the air contacts the product during the manufactureing process. Process applications are typically continuous in nature with flow rates that can exceed 25,000 CFM at pressures of 20 to 100 psig.  AirNow Compression Services fleet of dynamic compressor rental packages are ideally suited for process applications that require additional temporary or supplemental process air.

Often process requirements may dictate the need to use a associated aftercooler and dryer to ensure proper compressed air quality is supplied to the process. Knowledge of the required process dew point will allow for proper selection of accessory equipment.


The Instrument Society of America definition of "Instrument Quality" Air is:

  • A maximum oil content of less than one part per million (by weight);
  • The particle size in the air stream must be less than 40 microns; and
  • The dew point must be 18F below the minimum temperature to which the air is exposed

AirNow oil free centrifugal compressors supplied with an associated refrigerated or desiccant dryer is an excellent choice for  supplemental or temporary source of clean dry instrument quality compressed air.  It should be noted that +40 degree dewpoint refrigerated dryers can be employed where ambient conditions are expected to be above 60 degrees F. Where ambient temperatures are expected below 60 degrees F, 40 degree desiccant dryer can be utilized to ensure air being supplied meets or exceeds Instrument Air standard in low ambient operating conditions.

Instrument air quality is required in pneumatic process control systems, laboratories, powder coating, spray painting, packaging machines, automated production equipment ect.




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