AirNow Target Markets

Ski Industry


Snowmaking at ski resorts has been around for years.  Initially snow making equipment was used to develop a snow packed base to accelerate the opening of the skiing season, or as supplemental snow during the winter months when Mother Nature didn’t cooperate with fresh powder snowfall every few days. 

Without snow, Ski Resorts are out of business.  When Mother Nature doesn’t deliver, the ski industry resorts to man made snow. Using huge quantities of water, infrastructure of pipes, high capacity pumps, and high capacity air compressors to make the snow that keeps the resorts in business.

While the Ski Industry, as a whole, is pushing toward “green” solutions, the use of Diesel Air Compressors seems counter intuitive.  Electric Air Compressors are the preferred answer for efficient clean energy necessary for the snow making process.  Renting AirNow Compression Services efficient electric operated air compressors to replace aging air compressors in snowmaking operations produce oil-free compressed air and  reduce emissions for a cleaner environment.

Textile Industry

INSTRUMENT QUALITY AIR – Oil Free is Preferred

The Instrument Society of America definition of "Instrument Quality" Air is:

  • A maximum oil content of less than one part per million (by weight);
  • The particle size in the air stream must be less than 40 microns; and
  • The dew point must be 18ºF below the minimum temperature to which the air is exposed

AirNow oil free centrifugal compressors supplied with an associated refrigerated or desiccant dryer is an excellent choice for  supplemental or temporary source of clean dry instrument quality compressed air.  It should be noted that +40 degree dewpoint refrigerated dryers can be employed where ambient conditions are expected to be above 60 degrees F. Where ambient temperatures are expected below 60 degrees F, – 40 degree desiccant dryer can be utilized to ensure air being supplied meets or exceeds Instrument Air standard in low ambient operating conditions.

Instrument air quality is required in pneumatic process control systems, laboratories, powder coating, spray painting, packaging machines, automated production equipment ect.


The extensive use of compressed air in industry is second only to the use of water.  This air is used for tools, forges, hoists, conveyors, instruments and a host of other uses in the 100-125 PSIG range.  Needless to say, the loss of a plant’s compressed air supply can put a manufacturing facility completely out of production.  This is where the AirNow Fleet of Oil-Free high capacity rental compressors takes over. AirNow only rents the inherently oil-free Ingersoll-Rand CENTAC centrifugal plant air compressors, sizes ranging from 1,800 to over 21,000 CFM. We can normally have the equipment on the way within 24 hours of a call.  Our skid mounted units require only power hook-up, cooling water, a small amount of control air to start, and a discharge line to carry the compressed air to the plant system.

For example, a large Midwest foundry experienced a major explosion in their plant air system severely damaging the compressor house and shutting down the foundry.  The AirNow Compressor Fleet received the call at 4 p.m. for five (5) C-25’s.  The first two compressors arrived the next day.  Twenty-four hours after the call all five Centacs were on site and one was running!  Of course, AirNow cannot always promise this rapid service, but it is a good example of the effort we put into serving our customers’ needs in times of emergency. 

AirNow Compression Services has supplied plant air to refineries, glass plants, automobile assembly plants, appliance manufacturers and electric utilities just to name a few. 




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