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Rental Compressor Application Questionaire

  1. Rental Air Compressor Operating Parameters

Required flow (cfm)     ______

Required system pressure (psig)     ______

Desired air discharge temp;     ______

  1. Electrical Power Available

 4160 V     ______

 2300 V     ______  

 480 V       ______  

Full load amps can be determined after rental compressor selection.

  1. Installation Location

Installation location should be as near to the plant air header and electrical supply panel as possible.

This will minimize set-up time and expense.

Total space requirement will be determined by the number of rental compressor(s) required.

  1. Cooling Water Availability

Once the size and number of rental compressor(s) is established, cooling water (gpm) will be determined, if required.

Required cooling water pressure is between 30 60 psig.

If cooling water not available, rental cooling systems can be provided.

  1. Instrument Air Requirements

All water-cooled units require 20 scfm @ 80-150 psig of clean dry instrument air supply to facilitate start-up.





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