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Contract Compressed Air Systems

It may be wise to consider purchasing the required compressed air supply in the same way as other utilities such as water, gas and electricity.  Investing a large amount of capital in a compressed air system may not be in a businesses best interest. Purchasing compressed air like other utilities allows a company to pay for compressed air as it is consumed in the production of products and the generation of revenue.

Contract compressed air systems allow for flexibility. The compression equipment may easily be modified or exchanged to increase or decrease in capacity to maintain the compressed air systems maximum operational efficiency as business conditions dictate.

Commonly referred to as “Contract Compression” or “Air Over The Fence”, this concept can be configured to include full service maintenance to include all parts and labor associated with the operation of the compressed air production equipment.

Relieved of having to make a large capital investment in a compressed air facility, an enterprise may have more capital available for higher ROI projects in their own  “core” business.

Compressed air systems are AirNow Compression Service’s "core" business, as such we often times can install and maintain the required compression equipment at lower costs, higher efficiencies, and higher availabilities than normal industry standards.

This type of arrangement makes it possible for a business to budget a set amount each month for compressed air, eliminate unplanned repair expenses, increase cash flow and benefit from tax efficient payments.

It may be beneficial to consider this type of an approach when evaluating how best to satisfy compressed air requirements. AirNow Compression Services would welcome the opportunity to discuss these concepts in greater detail.




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