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Energy & Maintenance Cost Comparison

Electric vs. Diesel Driven Compressor Solutions

Recently we had the opportunity to take a detailed look the difference in operating and maintenance costs associated with the production of 6500 SCFM at 300PSIG of compressed air. Two options were considered, the first using temporary electric motor driven compression equipment and second diesel driven compression equipment.

Summary: As outlined below, electric motor drive compression solutions offer substantial energy & maintenance savings when compared to the diesel alternative. For this given requirement the savings were in excess of $170,000 per month.

Requirement: 6500 SCFM @ 300 PSIG of Compressed Air

Option1 - Electric Driven Compressor Solution

Capacity:                              6500 SCFM (7100 ACFM)

Delivered Pressure:                300 PSIG

Inlet Temperature:                  95 Degree F

Pieces of Equipment:             3 Electric Drive Primary/Receiver/Electric Drive Booster

Total Horsepower:                  2450

Total kW:                              1965

Voltage:                                4160/3/60

Hours per Month                     720

Monthly Energy Expense:    $ 99,000 basis electricity @ 0.07/kWH

Monthly Maintenance             $   4,500

Environmental Fees:               $          0

Option 2 - Diesel Driven Compression Solution

Capacity:                               6140 SCFM (6600 ACFM)

Delivered Pressure:                 300 PSIG

Inlet Temperature:                   95 Degree F

Pieces of Equipment:              6 Diesel Drive High Pressure Rotary Screw Compressors

Fuel Consumption:                  150 gallons per hour (25-30 Gal/Hr each)

Hours Per Month:                    720

Monthly Energy Expense:      $270,000 basis diesel fuel @ $2.50/gallon

Monthly Maintenance:            $    8,640

Environmental Fees:               $    3,500

The above comparison was done basis 24/7 operation or 720 hours per month.

Diesel fuel costs and electrical power costs may vary dependant upon location.

If you have a need for temporary or supplemental high capacity - high pressure compressed air, AirNow Compression Services has real cost saving solutions.




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