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In response to environmental and public health concerns, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established emission standards for most categories of non-road engines. These engines operate in a wide variety of applications, including construction equipment, marine vessels, lawn and garden equipment, and locomotives.  As a whole, these emission-control programs significantly reduce the impact of non-road engines and equipment on the nation’s air quality.
The EPA definition of the non-road engine is based on the principle of mobility/portability, and includes engines installed on (1) self-propelled equipment, (2) on equipment that is propelled while performing its function, or (3) on equipment that is portable or transportable, as indicated by the presence of wheels, skids, carrying handles, dolly, trailer, or platform.  In other words, non-road engines are all internal combustion engines except motor vehicle (highway) engines, stationary engines (or engines that remain at one location for more than 12 months), engines used solely for competition, or engines used in aircraft.
It should be noted that regulated applications include use of portable diesel powered air compressors in addition to other equipment such as: bulldozers, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, road graders, diesel lawn tractors, logging equipment, portable generators, skid steer loaders, or forklifts.
Currently all diesel powered non-road equipment need to conform to Tier 1-3 emission standards.  More aggressive Tier 4 emissions standards are on the way and will bring a whole new set of requirements over the next few years. 
Emissions generated from non-road equipment continue to receive increased scrutiny from the EPA. If a facility is operates close to its regulated emission threshold, any use of engine driven equipment may put the entire facility out of compliance and could result in a substantial fines.
Renting an electric motor driven compressor for temporary or supplemental service is the simple and cost effective way avoid these emissions issues entirely.



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