Tech Notes



Supplemental or temporary air for Fluid Catalytic-Crackers (FCC) in refineries is another application for the AirNow Compression Fleet of Oil-free Centrifugal Air Compressors.  Our Fully packaged compressor skids can easily be modified to either two or three stage configurations to optimize air delivery at the required pressure.

Fluid Catalytic Cracking is the primary process used to break down large hydrocarbon molecules into smaller ones.  Feed stock is pumped to a large reactor vessel where, at high temperatures and with the aid of powder-like catalyst, the large molecules are cracked.  The  catalyst is continuously circulated to and from the regeneration vessel where carbon deposit is burned off at 1300 degrees.

A large quantity of low pressure air (typically 30-65 PSIG) is used in the FCC units to regenerate the catalyst.  Because these FCC units are the most expensive and most important application in the refinery, continuous and maximized operation is necessary.  This is where the AirNow Compression Services fleet of rental comressors comes in.    By renting AirNow Models C-25, C-70 or C-210 packages the refiners can supplement or replace a failed main air blower economically to maintain production on either a short term or extended basis.

Additional regeneration air is also often required during summer months when warmer temperatures cause a reduction in the output of the permanent air compressor.  An AirNow rental is an easy and economical way for refiners to meet this supplemental need.




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