Tech Notes
Preparation is Key to a Successful and Trouble Free Rental Experience.

The best time to plan and prepare for use of a rental compressed air system is when the plant is operating normally. While that may sound odd, it is very true. The preparation required to receive, successfully install and begin to utilize rental compressed air equipment becomes significantly more challenging if it must be done DURING a compressed air outage.

The key elements in preparing for a successful rental experience are:

Installation Location – Area selected to set the equipment should be a stable level hardpacked surface with adequate drainage. Suitable clearance around the around the  unit for maintenance should be accounted for.

Electrical Connections for Electric Motor Driven Rental – Properly sized electrical disconnects or circuit breakers and power feed for the equipment being rented will be required. External power for heaters used in cold weather (usually 110/1/60) must be available as well.

Cooling Water –High capacity rental compressors (2,500 CFM and above) are water cooled. When renting this type of equipment, there will be a need for adequate cooling tower capacity and appropriately sized supply/return cooling water piping to the compressor. As an alternative plan, self-contained cooling towers can be rented

Monitoring and Operating of the Rental System - Whether your rental compressed air system has completely replaced your normal system, or you are simply augmenting the normal systems output, the rental equipment must be operated and monitored. In particular, if compressed air demand fluctuates, the rental equipment controls will need to be able to react to changes in demand and system pressure. As a general statement, the more advanced and automatic the control system is, the better.

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